More Than You Wanna Know

TMI is my middle name. You are reading my blog, but be warned, there might be more than you wanna know. Also, this all might be fiction.

Say What What?!   Ask me. I can always say no.  

I can no longer write here.

I did something I should have not done, and even though it was done in pain, I did it and I can’t undo it.

I can no longer write in here because I know that Patrick reads/ read it. It is not a place where I can come in peace and give over to my thoughts. I hate that I can’t just write here.

I understand it is a public forum, a public site but I can never write here and feel like I don’t have a responsibility to control what I write for the sake of those who I have loved.

If you ever read this, I hope you understand. I hope one day you can forgive me and that I can forgive you. I’m sorry.

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cat doesn’t want to get out of nice warm bath [x]

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“Alone at Lake Michigan”
Artist: Sánchez Santamaría

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Ah Chicago.


“Alone at Lake Michigan”
Artist: Sánchez Santamaría

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Ah Chicago.


Someone on OK Cupid messaged me asking if I have any interest in “completing ” her poly relationship. WTH? I don’t even know what that means!

There is nothing about someone else said her profile or the rest of her message so…? I messaged her back and said that I feel that “polyamorus :married and dating” type of “poly” makes me cringe.

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Beautiful Lavender Cake Balls Tutorial


I want to be a lavender cake ball *cry*

veganize this, cuties!

Actually, if you use Duncan Hinez cake mix and frosting, this would easily be vegan. The only problem would be the white chocolate coat. I found this recipe online ( or you can peruse amazon for some pre made vegan white chocolate or almond bark.

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Cats are the best.

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Guys, we want to show you our new work that we hope to have soon ready for sale :)

Sparkle Jimble Skirt 

Georgette skirt with a beautiful jellyfish embroidery. Embelished with pearls and glass bead bubbles that are embroidered by hand. Has a second layer of glitter chiffon that gives an undersea sparkle feel ♥ 


Chicos, queremos mostrarle otro de nuestros trabajos que esperamos tener a la venta próximamente :)
Falda de georgette azul marino con un hermoso bordado de medusa. Con aplicaciones de perlas y burbujas de vidrio bordadas a mano. Tiene una segunda capa en gasa con brillos, que da la sensación de brillo del fondo marino ♥

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Goth life

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[I’m not interested in sort of living in a world where my race is not a part of who I am. I am interested in living in a world where our race s„ no matter what they are, don’t define our trajectory in life.]




Kerry Washington being amazing as always. 

Understand colorblinders out there. Please get it.

my wife is always on point


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Wow. The response to my post about my break up has been overwhelming. I want to thank everyone who has said kind words to me. This has been incredibly hard. Feels like what I would call a divorce. 

That being said, my moving to NYC has nothing to do with him. Honestly, it is just as likely that I would move to San Fransisco. It all has to do with a program I am applying to. There are so many things coming up for me, and it is very exciting.

So please, don’t share with me things that he has said, or things that he thinks or feels. My life and his are separate now.

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Never forget that all that Hitler did in Germany was legal. -Martin Luther King Jr.

Never forget that all that Hitler did in Germany was legal. -Martin Luther King Jr.